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Available in-person or virtual.
These can be customized to fit your group or events needs. Just let us know what you are looking for and Bevin would be happy to customize a workshop for you.

Grow Great Vegetables

Discover how to plan, plant and grow your most productive garden ever! Learn from Bevin’s decades of growing experience, including tips on soil health, seed starting and transplanting, mulching and weeding and when to harvest your perfect produce, flowers and herbs! Bring your garden questions and get ready to grow great vegetables! 

Making Teas, Tinctures & Oils [ at home ]

Learn how to create salves, balms, and tinctures using herbs that you can grow in your own backyard. A great presentation for gardeners and herb enthusiasts looking to take their herbal passion to the next level! Bevin will share his decades of experience as an herbalist guiding participants through the many processes involved in crafting a wide range of herbal products for health, wellness and beauty.

The Art of Herbal Tea

Blend, brew and enjoy an irresistible selection of herbal teas while Bevin shares his knowledge on the history and folklore of the various herbal ingredients. Document your impressions of each herb’s aroma and flavor as we explore the various layers of a well-crafted herbal tea. Create a custom herbal tea to enjoy at home with an optional make and take activity!

Wildcrafted Herbs and Cold Pressed Oils

Working with herbs from one’s own bioregion opens the door to Nature’s abundance, aiding the herbalist in crafting exceptional health and beauty products. Learn more about Bevin’s small-scale seed and nut oil production business and how his focus on locally crafted ingredients became his recipe for success!

A Pressing Matter: Small Scale Seed and Nut Oil Production

This informative session will cover a number of oilseed crops that can easily be grown on the homestead or farm for small-scale oil production. Bevin will discuss growing, foraging, harvesting and processing various seeds and nuts and will also explore equipment needs, proper storage as well as various uses for the freshly pressed oils.

Let’s Talk Tomatoes: America’s Favorite Fruit

Everybody loves tomatoes, but how much do you actually know about this tasty fruit‘s fascinating history? Author and seed saver Bevin Cohen will share exciting tales of how this South American fruit traveled around the world and back, influencing the cuisines and cultures of the many countries it encountered along its journey. Discover tips and tricks to maximize your tomato harvest. Learn just how easy it is to preserve this important history as Bevin demonstrates how to harvest tomato seeds. 

Saving and Sharing Seeds

Sharing our heirloom garden seeds is the cornerstone of any localized food movement. Attendees will learn all about seed libraries and seed swaps and how to organize and maintain these important programs for their communities. From material lists and organizational best-practices to programing, marketing and securing volunteers, Bevin breaks down the steps to building a sustainable seed community.

Seed Saving 101

Learn the basics of this traditional skill through a blend of hands-on demonstration and lecture. This presentation is fully customizable depending on your needs and can be a one-hour indoor demonstration or a multiple hour, fully immersive experience.

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Traveling across the Midwest and beyond

Bevin has given hundreds of lectures at many notable conferences, festivals, seminars and events including presentations for Master Gardener Associations, Public Libraries, Garden Clubs, Colleges and Universities. Some highlights include: 

Mother Earth News Fair
Herb Society of America
Seed Savers Exchange Decorah, IA
Michigan Library Association Conference
Slow Food USA
Baker Creek Spring Festival Mansfield, MO
International Herb Association
National Heirloom Expo, Santa Rosa, CA
Heartwood Herb Gathering, Ontario Canada
Organic Association of Kentucky Conference
University of North Carolina
West Virginia University
Purdue Small Farm Conference